Maxey Flats final cap construction well underway

Geosynthetic liner going on site, project on schedule

Major steps are being made at the Maxey Flats disposal site near Morehead, Ky.

The first half acre of geosynthetic clay liner was placed this week (Aug. 10) on top of a layer of leveling fill that’s been put on over the last three months.

This is the first geosynthetic liner to be placed at the site out of a total of 55 acres to be installed during the construction of the final cap.

Maxey Aeriel 1
The first half-acre of geosynthetic liner has been placed at Maxey Flats. It’s one of several layers of cover the site will receive over the next six months.

Maxey Aerial 2
An aerial view of the Maxey Flats disposal site, Aug., 2105

This quarter-inch thick liner provides the same low permeability (ability to limit water movement) as two feet of natural clay and serves to prevent water from entering the underlying layers of the final cap.

The liner represents the latest in landfill liner system design, is easier to install and performs as well or better than natural clay. After placement, the liner is then covered with a very thin, high density polyethylene liner to serve as an additional impermeable layer to prevent water movement. It also protects the geosynthetic liner from moisture until placement of the overlying geo-composite drainage layer and the protective cover soils.

Maxey GraphicThe Walker Company, the construction contractor, has been preparing the cap for the start of geosynthetic liner and liner installation since May, 2015, by placing woven geotextile and geogrid material over the existing polypropylene liner followed by hauling and spreading approximately 100,000 cubic yards of leveling fill from the adjacent soil borrow area.

Depending on weather conditions, it is anticipated that primary cap construction will be completed by December, with perimeter drainage features and reclamation of borrow areas to be completed in 2016.