Field-only Wastewater Laboratory Certification Deadline Near; Training Available

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Oct. 8, 2015) –The Division of Water (DOW) is extending the deadline for field-only laboratory certification applications and will continue to accept field-only laboratory certification applications up until the Jan. 1, 2016 deadline for certification.

The application deadline for certification of field-only wastewater laboratories was previously Oct. 1, 2015. Because many entities failed to meet the application deadline, the application deadline has been extended up to the date where entities must be certified.

Due to time constraints, DOW cannot guarantee processing or acceptance of applications that are received after the initial Oct. 1, 2015 application deadline.  All field-only laboratories that are not certified by the Jan. 1, 2016 deadline cannot perform any wastewater analyses, as specified in the Kentucky Wastewater Laboratory Certification Regulation 401 KAR 5:320. This requirement applies to all KPDES compliance sample results generated for general and individual permits.

The application must include the following:

  • Completed application form and applicable fee (if any)
  • Requested method-analyte list
  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • A successful Proficiency Test Study sample for any applicable analysis (i.e. pH, conductivity, total residual chlorine or turbidity)

The application form and document templates may be found on the KWLCP page of DOW’s website. Other useful tools for compliance with this regulation, such as a wastewater lab certification FAQ, are also available on the KWLCP webpage.

To help facilitate the submission of complete applications, the Kentucky Water and Wastewater Operators` Association (KWWOA) and the Kentucky Lab Analyst Committee will be holding a workshop for facilities and systems applying for fieldonly wastewater laboratory certification. During this workshop, the majority of the documents and Proficiency Test Study samples that must be submitted to the DOW will be completed.  Division of Water staff will also be present to address questions and concerns.

The last opportunity in 2015 to attend this workshop is Oct. 22–23, 2015 in Bardstown. The workshop will be held at City of Bardstown Cobeck Building, formerly My Old KY Home School; 219 East Muir Street; Bardstown, KY 40004. The registration deadline for this workshop is Oct. 16, 2015. You can register by going to and clicking on the ‘register-for-training’ link. Each date has three options for registration. If you are doing filter backwash samples or are in a chlorinated wastewater plant, sign up for the pH, DO and chlorine class. If you are doing stormwater or in a non-chlorinated (i.e. UV) wastewater plant, select the pH-only option. If you want more than one person to attend from the same facility, enroll additional attendees for the CEU-only option which does not charge for the supplies included in the first attendee’s registration cost.

Laboratory certification is a process that provides formal recognition to the managerial and technical competence of a laboratory performing specific analyses defined by a certifying body or environmental program. It provides a uniform standard of quality for the data being produced and accountability for the laboratories actually performing the work.

A “fieldonly” wastewater laboratory is defined as any permitted or non-permitted entity (such as a consulting firm) that performs short hold time or immediate tests on only the following wastewater parameters: pH, chlorine, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature. The analyses may take place outdoors, in an on-site room used as a laboratory or in an off-site laboratory.

A “general” wastewater laboratory is defined as a laboratory that performs wastewater sample analyses in addition to “field-only” tests. The certification deadline for all general laboratories performing KPDES compliance sample analyses was Jan. 1, 2015.

For technical information regarding laboratory certification, please contact the DOW Laboratory Certification Section by email at (preferred) or by phone at 502-564-3410 and ask to speak with the Laboratory Certification Section.