Winter Issue of Land, Air & Water Online

The winter 2016 issue is now available for download at  The cover features a tufted titmouse, by 11 year old Griffin Shively, of Beaumont Middle School.  Griffin, was the 2015 winner of the fifth-annual Capture the Earth photography contest.  His mother said he spent hours in the yard waiting and working to get the perfect shot and his efforts certainly paid off.

On the inside cover, Ricki Gardenhire invites all middle school students, gradeWinter LAWs 6-8, to enter the Energy and Environment Cabinet’s Capture the Earth photography contest.  The contest deadline is 4:30 p.m. April 8, 2016.

  • Kentucky’s changing energy landscape – Aron Patrick and Adam Blandford of the Division of Carbon Management and Data Analysis talk numbers and statistics as they discuss how the way Kentucky uses and sources energy is changing on Page 1.
  • Learning with lichens – Roberta Burnes of the Division for Air Quality takes us to Pine Mountain as students learn about Air Quality and how trees can tell us about the quality of the air we breathe.  Discover more on Page 5.
  • A history of Kentucky’s fire lookout towers –Travel back in time with Jennifer Turner of the Division of Forestry as she visits the remnants of the past in fire history.  Learn about alidades, what they are and how they were used.  Visit the towers as she discusses when and where they were built and if they are still standing today.  You may also learn how you can visit one and see an actual piece of Kentucky’s fire history on Page 9.
  • Renewable energy – This third-in-a-series of articles about Kentucky’s drive for energy independence focuses on geothermal and how it can be a viable energy source in our state.  Kenya Stump of the Department for Energy Development and Independence answers questions about the cost of geothermal installation, how it works and the challenges facing its growth in Kentucky on Page 3.
  • From fish to fertilizer –  Tim Hughes of the Division Biofuels takes us to Tri City, Kentucky and Blue Shores Fishery, where they are innovating new ideas for waste products.  Learn more about the process on Page 8.
  • EcoART contest seeks nominations –  Mary Jo Harrod of the Division of Compliance Assistance discusses how, now in its seventh year, the division is now seeking nominations from high school students across the Commonwealth.  Learn how they can enter on Page 18.

Other stories include the recent acquisition of Bernheim forest by KHLCF (Page 2); how Kentucky is nearing the century mark on brownfield property reclamations (Page 7); how conservation districts are helping Kentuckians with revolving loan programs (Page 13); Kentucky Technology and Community Colleges and how they are lessening their carbon footprint (Page 15); learn why you need an Agricultural Water Quality Plan (Page 17) and visit the third annual Bioenergy Day in Campbellsville, Kentucky and read how Kentucky companies are changing their sources of energy and consumption (Page 19).

If you have comments, suggestions or photography for future stories or covers, please contact myself by phone at (502) 564-5525 or by e-mail at to