Third Quiz for Air Quality Awareness Week Available

This week, Roberta Burnes and the Division for Air Quality invites you to celebrate Air Quality Awareness Week with daily quizzes about air quality.  Each quiz is only five questions and should take you about 3 minutes to complete.  We hope you’re enjoying learning about the importance of clean air and how we keep it that way.

People did much better on yesterday’s quiz.  Nearly 300 people took the quiz, scoring an average of 66 percent.  Many people were surprised to learn that mobile sources are the largest category of air emissions (only 48 percent answered that question correctly).  On the other hand, a whopping 88 percent answered the questions about ozone and vehicle idling correctly.  Great job!

Today’s quiz explores asbestos, a mineral fiber that is found in many building materials and manufactured goods.  How much do you know about air quality and asbestos?  Find out in today’s quiz, All About Asbestos, by clicking here – and good luck!

And if you missed yesterday’s quiz, it’s not too late to try it out here.  Monday’s quiz can be found here.