Take the Air Quality Awareness Week Day 4 Quiz

This week, Roberta Burnes and the Division for Air Quality invites you to celebrate Air Quality Awareness Week with daily quizzes about air quality.  Each quiz is only five questions and should take you about 3 minutes to complete.  We hope you’re enjoying learning about the importance of clean air and how we keep it that way.

How do we know if the air is clean? Who is most vulnerable to air pollution, and why? Today’s quiz explores the connections between air quality and human health.  The quiz is only five questions and should take you less than 3 minutes to complete.

Scores were great on yesterday’s quiz.  More than 250 people took the quiz, scoring an average of 76 percent! About half of you were stumped by the question about Christmas decorations.  On the other hand, your knowledge was particularly strong about remodeling and building materials containing asbestos, with both questions scoring 98 percent – excellent job!

Ready for more?  Go here for today’s quiz, and good luck!

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