Final Air Quality Quiz Wraps up Air Quality Awareness Week

We hope you have enjoyed exploring air quality during Air Quality Awareness Week that Roberta Burnes and her colleagues put together!  Hundreds of people have participated in the daily quizzes, including environmental professionals, high school and college teachers, and students across the Commonwealth.  We hope you’ll continue to explore this fascinating topic throughout the year.

Yesterday’s quiz challenged your knowledge about air quality and health.  More than 200 people took the quiz, scoring an average of 73 percent.  About half of you missed the questions about the Air Quality Index (AQI), which is the color-coded scale that helps you understand how clean the air is.  On the other hand, you ACED the question about asthma triggers, scoring 99 percent on that question. Fantastic job!

It’s not always easy to see the connections between our daily activities and air quality.  That’s where today’s quiz comes in.

Every day, each of us makes countless choices that impact the air we breathe.  What simple steps can you take to help improve air quality?

Go here for today’s quiz, and good luck!

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