Lexington Firefighters Receive Chemical Spill Training

Several Lexington firefighters spent a hot day with the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection’s Environmental Response Team (ERT), learning how to use booms that could contain chemical spills that reach waterways.

WP_20160610_002It’s a type of training that is very important because firefighters often respond to vehicle accidents that could result in large diesel, gasoline or petroleum spills, chemical releases due to container breaches and other incidents that could potentially result in a chemical spill into a waterway.

Four ERT personnel conducted the training June 10.

The class normally lasts over several days, but was shortened to two, four-hour sessions of intense, hands-on training so firefighters could get the most learning in the least amount of time.

“This is a great opportunity for ERT personnel to train with firefighters who are often first responders to scenes where chemical spills are possible,” said Robbie Francis, the Preparedness and Response Manager for the Department for Environmental Protection. WP_20160610_012