New Public Pool Winterizing Permit Guidelines Avialable

Labor Day signals the end of summer and the end of the public pool season In Kentucky.

As public pool administrators begin to prepare for winter, they should be aware of a new permit for public pools. The Kentucky Division of Water (DOW) has developed a KPDES general permit to regulate the discharge of draw down and filter backwash waters.   The permit for Public Swimming and Bathing Facilities, KYG76, becomes effective on September 1, 2016.

When pools are being drawn down or filters back washed,  the wastewater must be disposed in accordance with Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH) laws.  DPH records show there are more than 2,300 swimming and bathing facilities in Kentucky including those operated by communities, subdivisions, apartment complexes, condominiums, clubs, camps, schools, institutions, parks, mobile home parks, hotels and recreational areas.

DPH regulations require these wastewaters to be discharged to public sanitary sewer system.  Where such a system is not available, the sewer had to be within one (1.0) mile, an alternative disposal system approved by DPH was required.  Typically, a holding tank with a leach field was the approved alternative.

Operators holding other types of DOW issued operational permits may request to convert to the general permit if they are eligible and have DPH approval.

The general permit does not authorize the disposal of any other types of wastewater, abandoning existing connections to public sewer systems, or disposal of filter backwash or draw down waters associated with private single family residences.

To demonstrate compliance with KYG76, the facility must monitor the effluent once per discharge not to exceed once per quarter. The facility will retain records of all monitoring information for at least three years, but the monitoring data does not need to be submitted to DOW.

To learn more about the KYG76, please visit DOW General Permit at: