Day Two of Governor’s Conference on Energy and the Environment Underway

Day Twimg_1651o of the Governor’s Conference on Energy and the Environment started with a coffee wake-up, then dove right into current issues facing Kentucky, including lead in drinking water, TENORM (technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material), legislative issues and concerns and coal production.

That panel, staffed by Energy and Environment Cabinet Deputy Secretary Bruce Scott, Tomimg_1654 FitzGerald of the Kentucky Resources Council, Division of Water Director Peter Goodmann and Bill Bissett of the Kentucky Coal Association and moderated by Rick Bender of the Department for Energy Development and Independence, touched on the difficult issues faced by environmental regulators every day.

Federal issues and working with federal environmental regulations was the mid-morning topic. Department for Environmental Protection Commissioner Aaron Keatley moderated a panel of former administrators and attorneys, including Clary Larkin, Carolyn Brown, LaJuana Wilcher and Andreimg_1657w Ott.

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