Drought Viewer Provided to Public from Division of Water

Updated drought information available down to street level

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Nov. 10, 2016) – With a level I drought advisory issued today, the Kentucky Division of Water has released a new Drought Viewer to provide the public with up-to-date drought information. 

The drought viewer allows the public to see current drought conditions by county, and provides detailed information on the severity of drought conditions, including detailed information down to the street level.

With this interactive application, users will be able to see which areas of the state are under issuances for Drought Action Levels or a Water Shortage Watch or Warning. 

Drought Action Levels are defined using both physical measures of climatic, hydrologic or agronomic factors and reported impacts and are used to determine the involvement by state agencies. 

Water Shortage Watches and Warnings are intended to encourage increased awareness by water supply managers and help local governments communicate the severity of the drought situation or that a critical water shortage is imminent. 

The Drought Viewer allows users to get information such as possible impacts or population affected per water system and local communities.  The application can also be used for coordinated response and to assist with emergency planning efforts.  The Drought Viewer is updated frequently.

The viewer can be found here: http://watermaps.ky.gov/drought

Additional information is available at http://eec.kentucky.gov