Kentucky Division of Water 2016 Annual Report Available Online

The Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) announces the release of its 2016 Annual Report. This annual report includes highlights and accomplishments for the following branches within the division:

Compliance and Technical Assistance Branch

Resource Planning and Program Support Branch

Surface Water Permits Branch

Water Infrastructure Branch

Watershed Management Branch

Water Quality Branch

The division continues to implement its core responsibilities to (1) protect, manage and restore water resources; (2) conduct effective water resources planning; (3) meet federal and state program requirements; and (4) promote better management and communication of data.

Highlights from 2016 include:

  • Twenty streams or stream segments were added to the list of Outstanding State Resource Waters, 12 streams or stream segments (approximately 41 miles) were added to the Exceptional Waters category, and primary contact recreation standards were updated to rely on a better metric. Additionally, DOW’s draft 2014 Clean Water Act Section 303(d) list proposes to remove 60 water bodies and stream segments from the impaired waters list.
  • Public water systems in the Commonwealth continue to produce excellent quality water and maintain the downward trend in violations, with faster correction when violations occur, and inspections indicate that permitted facilities continue to improve compliance rates.
  • DOW received a Best of Kentucky Award for its Water Health Portal at the 2016 Kentucky Digital Government Summit.
  • Over the course of the summer, DOW and the entire Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC) moved to its new location at 300 Sower Boulevard. The new building, constructed by public-private partnerships and leased by the Finance Cabinet, offers a large, light, and energy-efficient space that is a much more professional environment and is conducive to better collaboration and communication among all EEC staff.
  • Field inspectors investigated 1,502 water-related citizen complaints. The division conducted over 5,000 inspections in the areas of wastewater, storm water, drinking water, oil and gas, animal feeding operations, and coal.

The 2016 report and all previous annual reports are available at