Kentucky Environmental Protection eForm Submissions to Change in New Year

Major changes are coming Jan. 17 to Kentucky’s Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) eForms.

Access to the forms and how to submit them are changing to an account-based web application due to federal requirements under the Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR). Under the rule, DEP is required to provide identity-proofing of the individuals who electronically submit files and data to our agency.

What does this mean for you?

Beginning Jan. 13, 2017, individuals submitting electronic notices or reports with a DEP eForm will be required to have an account through Kentucky One Stop Business Portal,  found here: .

If there is a notification or report to be submitted in the near future with a DEP eForm, you must set up a user account.

If you already have an account through Kentucky One Stop Business Portal, including an account associated with Department of Revenue, Department of Transportation, or for personal use, you do not need to set up a new account. The goal is to have a shared logon account across Commonwealth websites and services!

Which forms are associated with eForms?

DEP eForms are currently accessed through various avenues within the DEP regulatory programs that accept submission of eForms. Some of the current eForm submittals include those for the Division for Air Quality Field Operations Branch (includes Annual Compliance Certifications); Division of Compliance Assistance Operator Certification Exams and Training; Division of Water Notice of Intent for coverage under some general permits, industrial stormwater, and construction activities; and Division of Waste Management Underground Storage Tank submissions.

Please note: The above list is not all-inclusive, and not all electronically submitted information is associated with an eForm.

What is

From starting your business plan to registering your business with the Commonwealth, the Kentucky Business One Stop Portal is a “one stop shop” with the tools necessary to assist you in registering and operating your business in Kentucky.

What about DEP ePortal?

The DEP Electronic Submittals website (, also referred to as DEP’s ePortal, is not currently associated with this change. Please continue to submit ePortal routine notifications and electronic documents through

Where can I get more information?

Frequently asked questions about this change, how to create an account with Kentucky One Stop Business Portal, and DEP’s implementation of the CROMERR requirements are available at

For assistance with establishing an account, please contact Kentucky One Stop Business Portal at 502-782-8930 or email

Any technical questions related to DEP requirements or eForm contents may be directed to the Division of Compliance Assistance by calling 502-564-0323 or sending an e-mail for assistance to