Department for Environmental Protection Recognizes Employee Contributions to Environmental Protection

Every year the Department for Environmental Protection honors employees who have gone above and beyond their job titles and duties to protect the environment, educate the public and ensure Kentucky is using and preserving its natural resources in a responsible manner.

Last Monday, Environmental Protection Commissioner Aaron Keatley, Dep. Commissioner Tony Hatton Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Charles Snavely honored 19 individual employees and six teams with outstanding service to the environment.


The awards were handed out in a short ceremony on the first floor training room of the 300 building at Sower Blvd.

The award recipients are as follows:

Division for Air Quality
Jennifer F. Miller
Jessica Dixon
 Chris Juilfs
Team – Ashland Regional Office, Field Operations Branch
        Karen Deskins
        Jonathan Barker
        Joseph Boggs
        Ira  Griffith
       Katrina Henderson
         Jeffrey Patton
        Jeff Watson
        Alysha Patton
Team – Permit Support Section, Permit Review Branch
Shauna Switzer
Zamzam Alkhalidi
Evelyn Pickett
Preetha Rajendran
John Walker
Rebecca Waddle
Division of Compliance Assistance
Derek A. Bozzell
Veronica A. Roland
Division of Enforcement
Dana Back
Natalie Bruner
Jonathan Durbin
Division of Environmental Program Support
Robie Mitchell
Gerald Morford
Jeanine Sloan
Division of Water
Daniel M. Fraley
Jackie Logsdon
Jerry W. Milburn II
Joanna B. Ashford
Robert L.  Miller III
Jeffrey R. Malsi
Team – Water Quality Branch
Andrea P. Keatley
Lara A. Panayotoff
Andrea M. Fredenburg
Kathy M. Clarkson
Melanie Arnold
Rebecca Roberts
Rodney N. Pierce
John J. Culp
Edward W. Carroll
Robert R. Evans
Keith Bowlin
Michelle Cook
Garret Stillings
Robert Johnson
Alicia Jacobs
Hui Chen
Lauren McDonald
Katie McKone
Jessica M. Schuster
Julie L. Tabor
Patrick J. Hoban
Cody A. Thayer
Stephanie Hayes
Joyce A. Fry
Division of Waste Management
Brad Highley
John Arnett
Team – Long Lane Arsenic Cleanup Team
Eric Brown
James McCloud
Rodney Maze
Kevin Francis
Alex Sandlin
Ashley Bowen
Kevin Strohmeier
David Leo
Robert Francis
Larry Hughes
Clifford Hall
John Maddy
Timothy Hubbard
Mark Strevels
Team – Solid Waste Coordinators Training Initiative
Becky Block
Lisa Butler
Donna Conway
Chris Craig
Lisa Evans
Billy Hill
Lynn True
Grant White
Tom Heil-retired-honorable mention
Team – Morehead DWM Regional Office
Karen Hall
Deborah Butcher-Witt
Rodney Maze
Benjamin Walter
Virginia Lewis
Lyle Walter
Phillip Carter