Envirothon Competition Training Locations, Dates Announced

Students all across Kentucky are learning about our natural resources through the Envirothon program.  They are preparing to compete against other teams on knowledge of natural resources-related topics, including soils, forestry, aquatics, wildlife ecology and a current environmental issue.  This year’s current issue is “Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship.”

Two training days are currently being planned to give students an idea of the types of questions and activities that they will see in the competition.  The training day for the western half of the state will be held at Saunder’s Spring in Radcliffe on March 24.  The training day for the eastern half of the state will be held at Morehead State University on March 31.

Kim Richardson, director of the Kenenvirothonpract16-7905.jpgtucky Division of Conservation, noted, “This is a very tough competition.  The training day is helpful in that it can show the students what to expect and give them an opportunity to ask questions of the people who will be writing the tests.”

At the training days, the teams will rotate among the 5 topic stations to learn more about the test for that topic.  They’ll get hands-on experience which will help them understand the topic better.  For instance, at the forestry station, the students will learn how to correctly identify and measure trees.

For more information about the competition, visit http://conservation.ky.gov/Pages/Envirothon.aspx or contact Johnna McHugh at 502-782-6703.  Teams can register for the training day by contacting Johnna McHugh.