Energy and Environment Cabinet Celebrates Arbor Day

IMG_2044Hundreds of Energy and Environment Cabinet Employees enjoyed Kentucky’s 121st Arbor Day celebration event at the 300 Sower building in Frankfort on Friday.

It’s the first year for the Division of Forestry to be housed in its new home, and the Division wanted to spruce up the surroundings by planting three new trees. Just north of the building, the Division of Forestry planted a yellow poplar, a Kentucky coffee tree and a redbud.

IMG_2080IMG_2059The Division of Forestry handed out 750 two-year-old pin oak trees at its educational event in the lobby.

Wildland Fire, Forest Stewardship, the State Forest program, Forest Resources and Utilization, Urban Forestry, Forest Inventory and Analysis, Forest Health, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid program and  Mine Reclamation all had educational booths.

Frankfort Mayor Bill May was also recognized for Frankfort’s 20th consecutive year of being certified a Tree City USA community. It’s one of only 38 communities in Kentucky for 2016.