Auto Salvage Environmental Impact Guide Updated

The Kentucky Auto Salvage Environmental Compliance Guide has been updated for 2017 with an easier-to-use format and updated reference and contact information.

The Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) created this guide to help auto salvage businesses stay in compliance with Kentucky air, water and waste requirements.

Auto salvage operations can create many different kinds of wastes, and some of them need to be managed in specific ways. This guide explains how to manage the types of wastes common to these facilities. It also covers how to identify if a waste is hazardous and how a business can fulfill the requirements of being a hazardous waste generator.

In addition to waste management requirements, the guide explains air and water regulations as well.  Information on how to handle a variety of emergencies, like properly cleaning up spills, is also provided.  Lastly, contact information for other state agencies that may be able to offer additional assistance is listed.

The Kentucky Auto Salvage Environmental Compliance Guide is available online at Any questions regarding the new guide or auto salvage compliance may be directed to DCA at 502-782-6189 or