NetDMR Reporting Changes Announced

Changes are on the way for those who submit a discharge monitoring report (DMR) electronically thorough NetDMR. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) database for electronic submission will be undergoing improvements to make it more accessible, secure and efficient.

As of May 22, all NetDMR users will log in through the EPA Central Data Exchange (CDX) website. Your help is required to make these changes and successfully migrate all NetDMR user accounts to CDX.

To assist all current NetDMR users through this process, the Kentucky Division of Water and Division of Compliance Assistance have developed the following short videos:

To ensure a smooth migration to CDX account management, please log in to your NetDMR account before May 12, and be sure your account information is correct. Also, check to confirm that your current account password and security question answers have not expired and are readily available.

As a current NetDMR user, you must review and make required changes to your NetDMR account prior to May 12, 2017. New users and existing users will not be able to create NetDMR accounts or edit NetDMR account information from May 12 to May 19, 2017, in order to complete the migration process. During this time, you will only be able to edit and submit DMRs.

On May 22, your NetDMR account will migrate to CDX.  If you do not have a CDX account, one will automatically be created for you once you complete the migration steps. To complete the migration step, NetDMR users will receive a Customer Retrieval Key email from “NetDMR Help Desk (”.

This email will contain a hyperlink that is critical to finalize your account in CDX and maintain access to NetDMR. Users must click the link and successfully complete the steps required to complete migration to CDX to retain access to NetDMR.  If you do not know your NetDMR password and answers to all your security questions, you will not be able to migrate your account to CDX and you will lose access to NetDMR until you create a new account and request access to your permit(s) again.

The videos of the Migration Walkthrough and What to Expect After Migration, will soon be available online at

For assistance with the NetDMR to CDX migration process, please contact the CDX Help Desk by calling 888-890-1995 toll free for domestic callers and 970-494-5500 for international callers. You may also contact the CDX Help Desk by emailing

For specific questions related to managing NetDMR accounts during the migration, contact NetDMR Customer Support by calling 1-877-227-8965 toll-free or by emailing

For questions related to submitting DMRs and CORs email

Your support is greatly appreciated during this upgrade, which will allow and enable better support reporting DMRs electronically.