Kentucky Division of Waste Management Releases Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report

See ways the Kentucky Division of Waste Management worked to serve the people of the Commonwealth in fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017).

This annual report includes highlights and accomplishments for the following branches within the division:

  • Solid Waste Branch
  • Recycling and Local Assistance Branch
  • Hazardous Waste Branch
  • Field Operations Branch
  • Underground Storage Tank Branch
  • Superfund Branch
  • Program Planning and Administration Branch

The division continues to implement its core objectives, which are to 1) provide efficient program support to division branches and stakeholders, and 2) protect human health and enhance Kentucky’s land resources.

Highlights from 2017 include:

  • 52 brownfield sites were reviewed pursuant to KRS 224.1-415. The division issued 41 Notice of Eligibility letters, and 35 Notification of Concurrence letters.
  • Over 130 illegal dumpsites were remediated, and more than 480 thousand waste tires were recovered.
  • Through the Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup Program 48 residences were decontaminated.
  • Municipal solid waste products recycled totaled over 3.3 million tons.
  • Substantial completion status was achieved at Maxey Flats with a projected final completion certification date of December 2017.

“In 2017, the division continued to achieve success across its branches. Our staff work at an intense pace to ensure our mission is sustained. I applaud the dedication of staff as it continues to address all areas entrusted to the division’s care,” said Jon Maybriar, director of the Kentucky Division of Waste Management.

This report and previous annual reports can be found at Kentucky Division of Waste Management Annual Reports.