Kentucky and Indiana Emergency Responders Hold Joint Training Exercise

epa-instructor.jpgThe Kentucky Emergency Response Team conducted its semi-annual training session on March 6-8 at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Response Team facility in Erlanger, Kentucky, an event marked by the appearance of Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Charles Snavely.

Thirty-three members of the Kentucky ERT attended, as did two members of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management Emergency Response. The joint training, a mix of classroom lectures and field exercises, was held to foster a better working relationship for environmental emergencies on the river.

Trainers included Gary Andrew, Ann Whalen, Greg Powell and Steve Renninger of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Attendees learERT instruction with EPA IIned how to do a shoreline assessment after a major oil spill, focusing on choosing the most effective cleanup option, taking into account the terrain, access, and the ecological area. The goal? Remove as much oil as possible with the least damage to the environment.

“When we have


training in the spring, we try to provide topics that gives the team a bigger picture of spill response,” said Robert Francis, branch manager, Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, Environmental Response Branch. “This fall we will try to conduct more hands on training that also provides a refresher for some and new training for others.”