City of Glasgow earns PEER Certification

The Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC) announced today that the City of Glasgow is among four projects recognized as an international leader within the power sector, earning PEER certification for efficiency, day-to-day reliability and overall resiliency of its power system.

PEER, or Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal, is the world’s first certification program that measures and improves power system performance, helping to provide reliable energy to homes, hospitals, schools, businesses, communities, cities and utility regions.

“PEER builds on Kentucky’s ongoing efforts to provide affordable and reliable energy to all citizens,” said EEC Executive Advisor Rick Bender. “As Kentucky’s first PEER certified project, the City of Glasgow serves as an example of a resilient electricity system designed for a smaller community. PEER not only validates accomplishments, but it translates into something meaningful to customers by providing efficient, reliable energy.”

The City of Glasgow, through its municipally owned utility, Glasgow EPB, certified PEER by using its broadband network and advanced metering to reshape electric power demand using Time of Use rates and interactive load management. Non-volumetric retail rates are allowing more stable revenue streams, which Glasgow is using to build a more robust and sustainable local grid.

“The PEER team has really done its homework and presented us with a list of objectives that we can now recognize as essential,” said William Ray, CEO of the Glasgow Electric Plant Board. “Those objectives will become a part of our five-year plan for continuing our evolution toward a resilient and efficient energy grid for future generations.”

While the City of Glasgow is Kentucky’s first municipal utility to certify PEER, a rural Kentucky cooperative utility and military installation are currently undergoing the certification process.

Kentucky launched the PEER project last fall as an early adopter program in partnership with Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI) to support energy reliability and resilience projects in the state., The project provides education, outreach and project assessments and certifications through financial support of a federal, state energy program grant.

Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) is the third-party verification and certification arm of the U.S. Green Building Council.

To learn more about Kentucky’s PEER project, contact Kenya Stump, Energy and Environment Cabinet,