Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Employees: Smart, Hard Working, and Dedicated to Public Service

By: Charles Snavely

Secretary, Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet

As this is Public Service Recognition Week, (April 22-28), I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you, the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet employees who come to work each day and do your very best to serve the Commonwealth, often without recognition or appreciation from the public.

You do the unseen jobs that enable the Cabinet to administer laws and regulations that allow this beautiful state of ours to have clean air, safe drinking water and soil free from contaminants such as arsenic or heavy metals.

You go into coal mines to help instill safety habits in miners; you train operators of water and wastewater plants, and you fight forest fires that could threaten lives and buildings. You evaluate and protect endangered species, protect the public from adverse impacts of coal, oil and gas development, and respond day or night to spills that endanger creeks, wetlands, or soil.  And much, much more.

Your years of experience, training and, in many cases, advanced education enable you to do the important work of the Cabinet whether you are part of the incredible support team that is the backbone of the regulatory process or an environmental scientist, engineer or attorney.

The public rarely sees the work you do behind the scenes, working with landowners to cultivate private forest lands, doing outreach in schools to teach best ecological practices, advising Kentucky employers on energy options, and responding to various citizen complaints.

Individuals in this Cabinet have with a strong sense of mission and make a difference every single day. You meet challenges with creativity, skill and determination and exemplify the quality of service that all Kentucky is fortunate to have.

My appreciation also goes to the employees of the Public Service Commission who protect the public by providing oversight of public utilities both from a financial as well as from a safety standpoint.

While it is not possible to thank each of you personally or to single you out individually for your efforts, please consider this my thanks for your outstanding contributions to this Cabinet and to the Commonwealth.