EEC Reminds Citizens of Storm Debris Removal Guidelines

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 27, 2018) – After severe weather left thousands of Kentuckians without power, the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet wants to remind residents of the potential risks in cleaning up storm debris.

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection would like to remind everyone that there are specific guidelines for proper disposal of woody and vegetative debris left in the aftermath of severe storms. For storm debris, Kentuckians should contact their local solid waste coordinator to find out if debris will be picked up curbside or if debris must be taken to a designated location. A list of coordinators is online at the department’s Division of Waste Management site

For more information, please see the Storm Debris Fact Sheet at

Recycling is the preferred disposal method for many kinds of debris. Local governments are strongly encouraged to recycle debris by shredding or chipping for reuse as mulch. Those lacking the equipment should consider commercial shredders or seek help from other cities and counties.

If recycling is not feasible, cities or counties should identify staging areas where storm debris can be temporarily stored or burned. At a minimum, staging areas must be well away from residences and businesses. They also must be out of floodplains and away from sinkholes and drainage channels.

Kentucky restricts open burning. Burning is only permitted in limited circumstances and under specific conditions. More details are online at DEP’s Division for Air Quality site

Please be safe and use good judgment with floodwater and storm debris.