Division of Enforcement Annual Report Available Online

The Kentucky Division of Enforcement (DENF) is pleased to announce the release of the annual report for the 2018 state fiscal year. “to use a clear and consistent approach in bringing about and maintaining compliance with the Cabinet’s regulatory programs by using appropriate and reasonable measures to resolve cases in a timely manner.” The Division accomplishes this through:

  • Conducting administrative conferences;
  • Issuing Notices of Violation and Letters of Warning;
  • Negotiating civil penalties and Supplemental Environmental Projects;
  • Issuing Agreements in Principle, Demand Letters, and executing Agreed Orders;
  • Where agreements cannot be reached, referral to Cabinet legal representatives for formal hearings and legal action; and
  • Monitoring compliance with these agreements and orders including completion of remedial actions and collection of penalties.

The DENF receives case referrals from all 12 regional offices, the department’s central office programs, and the division’s Compliance and Operations Branch. The annual report highlights the activities of the division and reports on successes with resolving enforcement cases during the fiscal year.

Some highlights from 2018 include:

  • In SFY2018, DENF received 266 new cases;
  • Issued 1,247 Notices of Violations;
  • Conducted 257 administrative conferences;
  • DENF negotiated 183 agreements-in-principle;

DENF issued 135 demand letters and executed 73 agreed orders for resolution of an enforcement case;

  • DENF closed 226 enforcement cases;
  • DENF collected approximately $2.5 million dollars in civil and stipulated penalties.

The 2018 report and all previous annual reports can be found at this link.