Sustainable Spirits Summit Puts Environmental Improvement at Forefront of Distillers

Since 2011, the Division of Compliance Assistance, in collaboration with the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, has been bringing members of the distillery, brewery and winery industries together via an annual Sustainable Spirits Summit.

This year’s summit had 63 attendees to hear presentations by Energy and Environment Secretary Charles Snavely and other experts on topics such as:

  • TRI Data and Related ToolsIMG_2901
  • Water Regulations Update
  • Pollution Prevention
  • PET Bottle Molds
  • Zero Waste and Greenhouse Gas Reduction
  • Energy Management and Conservation

In these summits, attendees discuss and share their experiences about current environmental issues and aspire to shape future opportunities for Kentucky’s spirits sector.

This year, lunch was provided by the host location Angel’s Envy Distillery.