Boil Water Advisory Continues in Portions of Peaks Mill Water District

FRANKFORT (Sept. 6, 2019) – The Kentucky Division of Water is working with the Peaks Mill Water District due to a continuing boil water advisory in the district as a result of some parts of the system not having the required minimum disinfectant residual required by Kentucky state regulations.

A boil water advisory is still in effect for some homes in these areas: Peaks Mill Road from 6700 Peaks Mill Rd. to Stillhouse Hollow, all of Stillhouse Hollow Road and all of Indian Gap Rd. 3500 and above on Union Ridge, All of: Camp Pleasant, Mt. Vernon Road, Mt Vernon Ridge, Gregory Woods, Kays Branch, King Lane, Teresita, Harmony, Payton Ridge, Cedar Road, and Oakland/Sharp Road.

The district is struggling to maintain disinfectant residual in those areas possibly due to water age and turnover.  The disinfectant residual in Peaks Mill water typically lasts for several days, but it does degrade over time especially with warmer temperatures.  Due to the small number of customers spread out in those areas, the water doesn’t always get used quickly enough in those areas to prevent the residuals from dropping to below the minimum requirements.

Flushing out the lines at water hydrants can help with moving water but even with the flushing, the use of water is currently not sufficient to turn over water in the water lines in areas under a boil water advisory.  In addition to flushing, Peaks Mill has begun boosting disinfectant in the system by feeding it into the main water line in the area in an attempt to improve disinfectant residuals.

Division of Water is currently working with Peaks Mill to determine if other factors are contributing to the loss of disinfectant residuals in the boil water advisory areas.

Water must be at a rolling boil for 3 full minutes before drinking or using to cook until further notice in affected areas. Bottled water is available for those customers still under the boil water advisory. The water is available at 2 locations:

Franklin County Fire Station located at 9091 Owenton Rd. AND

Monterey Fire Station located at 40 Sawdridge Rd., across from Ellis Market. This is a volunteer fire department, please try to pick up before 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm at the latest.

Contact numbers: Larry House 502-209-0023 and Charlie Riddle 502-750-0677.