Agricultural Policy Announces Improvements to On-Farm Water Management Program

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 16, 2020) – The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet’s Division of Water and the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy announced new guidelines and an increase in funding for the On-Farm Water Management Program.

“Throughout COVID-19, we’ve been reminded of just how hard Kentucky farmers work every day to feed our communities and keep our people healthy and strong,” said Gov. Beshear. “I’m proud that the On-Farm Water Management Program not only supports individual farmers in the state, but also pushes Kentucky forward as a national and international leader in agritech.”

The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board has allocated $437,851 to the program, bringing to $1 million the funds available for water conservation projects.  The deadline for applications is July 31, 2020.

“Though we are blessed in Kentucky to have an abundant supply of water, finding ways to make every drop count is not only fiscally responsible but being a good steward of the environment,” Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Goodman said.

Sustainable water management is essential to agricultural production. Water that is wasted can create an immediate drain on limited farm resources. The On-Farm Water Management Program can help producers capture, store and use all available water resources in a way that will help Kentucky’s agricultural community reduce drought vulnerability, reduce dependence on municipal water, manage excess runoff, and improve soil health and moisture availability.

“The On-Farm Water Management Program is a proactive approach to monitoring, harvesting, conserving and recycling the most essential nutrient to plants, animals and life itself,” said Warren Beeler, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy. “The investment will help to ensure water is plentiful and available as needed.”

In addition to an increase in funding, the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board approved a new small-scale grant category for private farms, which can apply through a simple, five-page application. A list of best management practices is now included in the guidelines to highlight the types of proven practices the On-Farm Water Management Program is focused on funding, however, applicants are encouraged to submit innovative ideas for consideration.

To access the new guidelines, determine if your organization is eligible, and obtain a project application and supporting documents, please visit

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