Environmental Excellence Award Nomination Deadline, Sept. 11, 2020

The Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) is proud to recognize and encourage environmental excellence in the Commonwealth through the 2020 Environmental Excellence Awards. Nominations for these awards are being accepted until September 11, 2020.

The awards recognize the efforts of individuals, businesses and organizations committed to protecting and improving Kentucky’s environment, and provide a platform to tell the stories of environmental stewardship taking place across the Commonwealth.

“Kentucky’s remarkable natural resources have helped shape our economy, culture and history,” said Amanda LeFevre, Deputy Commissioner of DEP. “Nevertheless, these resources also provide us with the responsibility of good stewardship. This requires vision, commitment and determination on the part of the agency, Kentucky’s citizens and the individuals and companies governed by Kentucky’s environmental regulations. We’re proud to recognize their efforts through these annual awards.”

One award will be given for each of the four categories: Environmental Pacesetter, Resource Caretaker, Environmental Community Luminary and KY EXCEL Champion. The KY EXCEL Champion will be awarded to an active KY EXCEL member.

Businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals may be nominated or self-nominate for the awards.

Take this opportunity to recognize those committed to exemplary environmental performance. Additional details and nomination forms are available online at https://eec.ky.gov/Environmental-Protection/Compliance-Assistance/Pages/KY-EXCEL.aspx. Please submit nominations by emailing envhelp@ky.gov. All questions pertaining to the 2020 Environmental Excellence Awards may be submitted to envhelp@ky.gov.