Kentucky Office of Energy Policy Launches Web Page to Help Kentucky Families with Utility and Housing Costs

Includes a comprehensive network of resources, training, communication.

The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet’s Office of Energy Policy (OEP) has expanded its on-line resources through a new energy affordability Web page.

The site provides a comprehensive network of resources to help families locate affordable housing, and get utility bill assistance. It also provides educational resources and helpful tips to reduce energy costs in the home.

“The concerns over energy affordability in Kentucky and across the nation have become even more urgent with the economic hardships created by COVID-19,” Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Goodman said. “While Kentucky has relatively low energy prices, it does have areas with high energy burdens that can threaten a household’s ability to pay for energy, and force tough choices for families.”

According to the U.S Department of Energy, the commonwealth’s average energy burden – the percentage of gross household income spent on energy costs – is 3 percent. In some regions, however, that number exceeds 10 percent.

The new web page also provides links to research and data-driven tools such as the U.S. Department of Energy LEAD tool, designed to help states, communities and other stakeholders create better energy strategies and programs by improving their understanding of low-income housing and energy characteristics.

To further examine Kentucky’s high-burden energy needs and identify recommendations for solutions, the cabinet is creating an Energy Affordability Work Group. Details of the work group will be available in the coming weeks and posted to the new web page.

“The resources provided here are just the beginning of a broader initiative to help ensure families can adequately afford the energy needed to properly provide for the needs of their homes,” said Ashley Runyon, assistant director of the Office of Energy Policy. “Our mission is to work together with federal and state partners, utilities, non-profits, and the private sector to find solutions to reduce the energy burden for Kentucky families and create better health outcomes.  We believe the first step is to start the conversation and offer education and information.”

Individuals and local communities are encouraged to utilize the energy affordability web page for timely updates and new announcements and to reach out to the Office of Energy Policy. . For more information or questions please contact Ashley Runyon at