New Interactive Solar Project Map Available

The Kentucky Office of Energy Policy has released a new interactive map of Kentucky’s solar projects and ordinances.

The KY Solar Ordinance webpage allows interested individuals to see all of Kentucky’s current solar ordinances and Siting Board- approved solar projects in one place.

These ordinances guide local governments to better support renewable energy projects at all scales of development, from residential rooftop to utility-scale solar installations.

Solar developers interested in bringing solar energy to Kentucky communities may find this tool especially helpful in locating potential sites for their projects. Kentucky citizens may utilize this tool to see if there are solar projects in development or construction near them.

Clicking on a project allows the user to locate the projects website, the anticipated megawatt capacity, the acreage of the project, and more.

The Office of Energy Policy encourages county and local zoning officials to help us keep this up-to-date by submitting solar ordinances via the form in the top right corner of the webpage.

To explore the map, click here: