State Energy and Environment Cabinet Announces Grants to Cleanup Illegal Dumps

Funds will eliminate 102 illegal dumps in 20 counties

The Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC) today announced that $876,730 in grant funding has been awarded by the Kentucky Pride Fund for cleanup of 102 illegal dumps in 20 counties across the Commonwealth.

“Illegal dumping is a major problem that raises significant concerns with regard to safety,
property values and quality of life in our communities,” said EEC Secretary Len Peters. “It is a major economic burden on local governments that are typically responsible for cleaning up dump sites.” Continue reading “State Energy and Environment Cabinet Announces Grants to Cleanup Illegal Dumps”


Cleaner Commonwealth Fund Offering Cleanup Grants

The Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program is announcing the availability of cleanup grants through the Cleaner Commonwealth Fund (CCF).  The Cleaner Commonwealth Fund is a grant-and-loan fund established with an $850,000 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund Grant. The program is releasing $140,000 to provide money for cleanup projects in Kentucky.  In this initial round of grants, eligible entities including local governments, nonprofits and quasi-governmental agencies, can apply for up to $50,000 for an eligible project. For a site to be eligible, the applicant must have performed All Appropriate Inquiries (Phase I Assessment) within the six-month period prior to the purchase of the property and met bona fide prospective purchaser guidelines. Continue reading “Cleaner Commonwealth Fund Offering Cleanup Grants”

Kentucky’s Clean Diesel Grant Program Improves Air Quality

Diesel engines can be found in communities everywhere. From the construction industry to transportation, industry to farms, diesel engines provide an efficient means to power a variety of machinery. While efficient, not every diesel engine is as “clean” as those manufactured after 2006 when the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) heavy duty highway and non-road engine standards took effect. In fact, EPA estimates that there are 11 million older diesel engines that remain in use. Continue reading “Kentucky’s Clean Diesel Grant Program Improves Air Quality”