Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection Recognized as Leader in Fleet Sustainability

The Kentucky Department Green Fleetsof Environmental Protection (DEP) has been recognized by the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition’s (KCFC) Green Fleets of the Bluegrass Program.  DEP received the leadership award at KCFC’s annual meeting on March 23, 2015 in Louisville.

In 2014, the Department added two hybrid vehicles to the fleet, bringing the hybrid fleet total to 27.  In 2011, the average fuel economy for DEP was 17 MPG. DEP’s average fleet fuel economy now stands at 20 MPG with the goal of 25.5 MPG by the year 2025. Continue reading “Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection Recognized as Leader in Fleet Sustainability”


DEP Annual Green Fleets Report Shows Progress

The results are in: Over the past year, the Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) continues to improve its state-owned vehicle fleet performance.  DEP is a member of Green Fleets of the Bluegrass, a voluntary program that aims to improve the environmental performance of vehicle fleets across Kentucky by reducing petroleum fuel use. Green Fleets is administered by the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition (KCFC).

According to the annual Green Fleets survey, submitted by the Division for Air Quality this week, the average fuel economy of DEP’s fleet rose from 19.0 to 19.79 miles per gallon in 2014.  The increased fuel economy is the result of strategic fleet management including: Continue reading “DEP Annual Green Fleets Report Shows Progress”

Who has the greenest state fleet in Kentucky? The Department for Environmental Protection, that’s who!

On Dec. 17, 2013, DEP received the Greenest State Fleet Award from the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition (KCFC). The award was presented at historic Boone Tavern in Berea where DEP staff arrived in green fleet style driving a Chevrolet Volt.


Continue reading “Who has the greenest state fleet in Kentucky? The Department for Environmental Protection, that’s who!”

Keeping Up with the Volts

First Lady Jane Beshear preparing to give one of the Volts a test drive.

The DEP Chevrolet Volts have received quite a bit of attention as Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) employees drive them across the state. The department has been operating four Volts and two charging stations since early 2013 and has learned a lot about the plug-in electric vehicle in that short time span.

“No matter where we go, people are curious about how the car drives, fuel economy, money savings, and safety,” said Division for Air Quality Director John Lyons. “Part of why we purchased these vehicles is to be a technology leader and educate the public on alternative transportation technology, in addition to reducing emissions.” Continue reading “Keeping Up with the Volts”