“Creating a Green Footprint” Workshop Coming to Lexington in April

If you have ever wondered how you, your business or your community could reduce greenhouse gas emissions daily, there is a workshop designed for you. KY EXCEL, Kentucky’s environmental leadership program, has organized a free “Creating a Green Footprint Workshop” to be held on April 26, 2017, in Lexington, Ky.

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KY EXCEL Farm Program Welcomes First Two Members

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Aug. 31, 2016) – The KY EXCEL Program in the Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) announces the acceptance two new members, Thompson Ag Exchange and Capstone Farms.  Both of these members are being accepted into a recently created category specific to agricultural facilities, called KY EXCEL Farm.

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The Business Case for Environmental Stewardship

Last week, two KY EXCEL member representatives had the opportunity to talk about their environmental successes during a session at the 2014 Governor’s Conference on Energy and the Environment, which was held in Lexington. KY EXCEL members Kim Harmon, Environmental Manager at Heaven Hill Distilleries, and R.J. Dyrdek, Energy Manager at Fort Knox Army Base, spoke at the Business Case for Environmental Stewardship session.

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Fort Knox Has a Treasure Other Than Gold

Since there are nearly 200 members of KY EXCEL, the Commonwealth’s voluntary environmental leadership program that is located in the Department for Environmental Protection, the program has more than 200 ongoing projects at any given time. Projects are chosen by the individual members and are as diverse as the members themselves. From recycling at home and work to planting rain gardens to minimizing air emissions to conserving water and energy, each member has the opportunity to make a difference in protecting our environment. Sometimes that difference is unusual and directly affects wildlife, which is true of one of the KY EXCEL projects undertaken by program member Fort Knox. Continue reading “Fort Knox Has a Treasure Other Than Gold”

Sustainable Spirits Summit Held and Best Management Practices Document Finalized

Members of the Kentucky Distillers Association and others in Kentucky’s distilling industry shared ideas and information at a Sustainable Spirits Summit that was held July 14, 2014, at Jim Beam-Clermont. During this summit, DCA presented the final draft of the best management practices document that’s been in the works for over a year. Distillery representatives were given the opportunity to review the document and recommend any changes before publication. Continue reading “Sustainable Spirits Summit Held and Best Management Practices Document Finalized”

Go Green Save Green Workshop

Mark your calendar! On Thursday, March 20, Herb Petitjean, from the Division of Compliance Assistance’s (DCA) Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program, will be on a panel at the fifth annual Go Green Save Green Workshop in Lexington, Ky. The panel’s topic is “Funding for Land Recycling – Turning a Community Eyesore Into a Community Asset.” Since every community has brownfields or sites that are abandoned or possibly contaminated, it is important for communities to know how to find the funding to clean up and redevelop these sites for productive reuse. DCA’s KY EXCEL Coordinator, John Eisiminger, will also be on hand as an exhibitor for the event.  Continue reading “Go Green Save Green Workshop”

Beam Upgrades KY EXCEL Membership

Facilities become master members

Beam Inc., a leading global premium spirits company, has upgraded its Clermont and Boston, Ky., facilities’ memberships in the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection’s (DEP) environmental leadership program, KY EXCEL, to a Master member – the program’s highest level.

KY EXCEL recognizes public, corporate and private sector organizations that act to improve Kentucky’s diverse and unique environment through environmental leadership.

“The Department for Environmental Protection is pleased that Beam has chosen to upgrade its membership in the KY EXCEL program to the Master level,” said Aaron Keatley, deputy commissioner of DEP and acting director of the Division of Compliance Assistance. “Beam continues to expand its efforts to preserve and protect the environment through voluntary activities at its facilities. We support these efforts and congratulate Beam for taking its membership in the program to a higher level.” Continue reading “Beam Upgrades KY EXCEL Membership”

Small Lessons from KY EXCEL member, Kentucky American Water

Environmental projects don’t have to be huge, expensive or time-consuming. The small things that all of us can do make a difference. Small actions can have a greater impact than most people imagine and being involved in community environmental efforts create a happier and healthier place to live and work. Continue reading “Small Lessons from KY EXCEL member, Kentucky American Water”