Project WET – Division of Water staff educating teachers

Division of Water’s Watershed Management BranchDOW conducted Project WET training for thirteen Catlettsburg area elementary school teachers. Project WET, Water Resource Education for Teachers, provides education materials and training courses to teachers, students and the general public.

Project WET raises awareness about actions that can impact water, and how to improve practices to enhance the overall quality of water.

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Educators Complete Project WET Facilitator Training

Fourteen non-formal educators in Kentucky were recently certified as Project WET facilitators after completing 16 hours of training through the Kentucky Division of Water.

The goal of Project WET, an acronym for Water Education for Teachers, is to provide scientifically accurate and educationally sound water resources education materials, training courses and networking services to citizens, organizations, governments and corporations.

Laurina Lyle, Executive Director of Project WET USA in Bozeman, Montana traveled to Frankfort to conduct the facilitator workshop.

During the training, participants experienced many Project WET activities, learned the history and objectives of the program, learned to conduct Project WET workshops and explored methods of assisting teachers and resource personnel in using the materials. These newly trained facilitators are now Continue reading “Educators Complete Project WET Facilitator Training”

Division of Water Invites Educators to get WET

The Kentucky Division of Water (DOW) has assumed state sponsorship of Project WET, an interdisciplinary water science and education program for formal and non-formal educators of students in kindergarten through grade 12 and adults.

The program was previously sponsored by the Kentucky Environmental Education Council (KEEC).

“I am thrilled that the Division of Water is increasing its commitment to educating teachers, students and the general public about water by becoming the Project WET state coordinator,” said Elizabeth Schmitz, KEEC executive director. “KEEC will continue to support Project WET by working with DOW as needed, during and after this transition.” Continue reading “Division of Water Invites Educators to get WET”