Today marks the 44th anniversary of the celebration of Earth Day.


On Earth Day, we would like to take just a minute to reflect on our ongoing effort to provide a safe and healthy environment that allows Kentucky to grow and succeed. The following are just a sampling of the successes that Kentucky has achieved in recent years.  Continue reading

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SNIPSNot all news needs to be covered through an extended article. But it is still
important that you know about activities and decisions that may affect your business, communities and families. To help keep you informed, the Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) routinely compiles a short listing of state and federal topics that we affectionately call SNIPS. If you have questions about these items or need environmental assistance, contact DCA at 800-926-8111 or Continue reading

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Volt Visits Schools

From Florence to Frankfort, Lexington to London, the department’s Chevy Volts have been making the rounds lately. The hybrid plug-in vehicles are in high demand in the weeks leading up to Earth Day and are used in a variety of educational outreach programs. Continue reading

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The spring 2014 issue of Land, Air & Water is available online

The spring 2014 issue is available for download at Land Air & Water
The cover features a dwarf crested iris (iris cristata)
photographed at the Brigadoon State Nature Preserve by  Harold Kelley of Glasgow, who is the preserve manager at Brigadoon.

On the inside cover, Secretary Peters writes about the importance of trees and a new cabinet project that encourages Kentuckians to plant 20 million seedlings in 20 years.  Kentucky’s 20/20 Vision for Reforestation is an ambitious goal, but one that can be achieved if we all participate.  Learn more about the project at Continue reading

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Blue Grass Army Depot and Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant: Public Meeting

Blue Grass Army Depot and Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant: Class 3 Hazardous Waste Storage and Treatment Permit Modification Request, Addition of EDT, and Public Meeting

The Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (BGCAPP) has selected an explosive destruction technology (EDT) system to safely destroy the mustard stockpile deemed unsuitable for processing through the main pilot plant. Because solidification of the mustard agent was found in a significant number of mustard projectiles, rendering them unsuitable for the automated neutralization process, the EDT system will be employed to destroy the entire Blue Grass mustard stockpile and two Department of Transportation 3A bottles containing mustard to augment the main pilot plant destruction process. Continue reading

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Upcoming Waste Tire Collection Events

Residents may drop off used tires at designated sitesWasteTires2

The Energy and Environment Cabinet’s
Division of Waste Management is
sponsoring waste tire collection events
across Kentucky, meaning Kentuckians can
drop off unwanted tires free of charge.

Waste tires are collected and recycled through “beneficial end use” markets to become products  such as tire-derived fuel or crumb rubber mulch.

The Waste Tire Program is financed by the Waste Tire Trust Fund, which receives $1 from the sale of every new tire purchased in the state. The fund is dedicated to managing scrap tires and developing sustainable markets for recycled tire products. Continue reading

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Current Job Openings at the Department for Environmental Protection

Interested in working at the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection? The following is a list of the positions we are seeking to fill with qualified candidates who have a passion for public service. You can view additional information about these jobs or apply for any of the job openings listed below by clicking the link for each position. Continue reading

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