Division of Waste Management announces $4,000 grants available from the Waste Tire Trust Fund

Kentucky counties urged to apply for funds

Kentucky counties can now apply for $4,000 in waste tire recycling and disposal grants from money that is available through the Energy and Environment Cabinet’s Division of Waste Management (DWM) Waste Tire Trust Fund.

Eligible expenses under this grant are the actual costs that the county incurs during the grant period for recycling or disposal of waste tires. Other expenses, such as labor and equipment costs, are not eligible. “We encourage all counties to take advantage of this grant opportunity,” said Gary Logsdon, manager of DWM’s Recycling and Local Assistance Branch. “This is a simple and efficient way for the division to assist counties in managing their waste tires.” Continue reading

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Current Job Openings at the Department for Environmental Protection – April 16, 2015

If you are interested in working at the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection and have a passion for public service, we encourage you to apply for the vacancies.)

  • 39941BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST I – (Closes 4/17/15)
  • 39980BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST II – (Closes 4/18/15
  • 39981BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III – (Closes 4/18/15)
  • 39982BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 4/18/15)
  • 40026BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III – (Closes 4/19/15)
  • 40041BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 4/20/15)
  • 40048BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 4/20/15)
  • 40051BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 4/20/15)
  • 40053BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 4/20/15)
  • 40035BR – ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II – (Closes 4/20/15)
  • 40037BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 4/20/15)
  • 40042BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 4/20/15)
  • 40043BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 4/20/15
  • 40046BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 4/20/15
  • 40039BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 4/20/15)
  • 40040BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 4/20/15)
  • 40105BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST I – (Closes 4/24/15)
  • 40149BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III – (Closes 4/25/15)
  • 40151BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST V – (Closes 4/25/15)
  • 40152BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST I – (Closes 4/25/15
  • 40153BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST I – (Closes 4/25/15)
  • 40155BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST I – (Closes 4/25/15

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Catlettsburg Refining: A friend to students and wildlife


At the Catlettsburg Refining Savage Branch Wildlife Reserve, children participate in nature-based learning activities like planting flowers and observing frogs at Rock Hill Pond. Photo Courtesy of Catlettsburg Refining

Catlettsburg Refining is located on more than 650 acres in Catlettsburg, Ky., on the bank of the Big Sandy River. Owned by Marathon Petroleum Co., the refinery operations produce gasoline, distillates, asphalt, heavy fuel oil, aromatics, propane, refinery grade propylene and sulfur, which are distributed by pipeline, barge, transport truck and rail. Catlettsburg Refining produces more than 242,000 barrels per day and employs approximately 775 regular and 800 contract workers, making it a large presence in the community. Continue reading

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Kentucky Division of Water announces listening sessions on water quality standards

Triennial review required under provisions of Clean Water Act

In accordance with the Clean Water Act (CWA), Congress gave states the responsibility to establish objectives or goals for managing, maintaining, and enhancing water quality. This responsibility is commonly referred to as state water quality standards (WQS).  States are required to perform periodic reviews of state water quality standards, known as a Triennial Review, and hold a public hearing every three years pursuant to Section 303(c)(1) of the CWA.

The Kentucky Division of Water (DOW) hereby gives notice of its intent to conduct three public listening sessions to satisfy the requirements of Section 303(c)(1) of the CWA. These listening sessions will assist the agency in determining what revisions, if any, may be appropriate in this Triennial Review of Kentucky’s WQS. Continue reading

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Ozone Gardens


Signs of ozone damage on a tulip poplar, courtesy of Robert Anderson, Bugwood, UGA

Late spring is the perfect time to start a garden filled with ozone-sensitive plants and natives that are beneficial to pollinators.

Your garden can tell you about the air you breathe because, like people, plants need clean air, too. Some plants can even tell you when they have been exposed to air pollution. With a few carefully selected plants, some water and sunshine, you can create your own ozone garden that will help you learn more about the air quality in your neighborhood. Continue reading

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Division of Water to monitor Kentucky’s waters for Harmful Algal Blooms

HAB on Lake Reba in Madison County in 2014. Division of Water photo

HAB on Lake Reba in Madison County in 2014. Division of Water photo

As warm weather arrives, recreational use of Kentucky’s waterways increases. For the last few years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Kentucky Division of Water (DOW) have monitored the state’s water for algal blooms.

Algal blooms, and the algae that form them, occur naturally in the water. Factors promoting algal growth include a combination of sunlight, warm water temperatures, low turbulence, and elevated nutrient levels of phosphorus and nitrogen. These nutrients can come from many sources including crops, pastures, and urban and industrial areas. The resulting harmful algal blooms, or HABs, are likely the result of heavy spring rains that wash the excess nutrients into the lakes. Continue reading

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The Spring 2015 issue of Land, Air & Water is now available online

The cover features a Celandine poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum) photographed by Harold Kelley.

The cover features a Celandine poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum) photographed by Harold Kelley.

The Spring 2015 issue is available for download at http://eec.ky.gov/Pages/LandAirWater.aspx.         

On the inside cover, Secretary Peters summarizes the 2015 session of the General Assembly.  Although the cabinet had fewer bills than in past sessions, it did see the passage of an important piece of legislation – modernizing the state’s oil and gas statutes.  The legislation brings the statutes up to the 21st century and addresses oil and gas production, including hydraulic fracturing, that will help the industry to grow while protecting human health and the environment.  Natural gas is an important and growing energy source nationwide, and is a significant component of the U.S. EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

The spring issue of Land, Air & Water highlights several stories about Kentucky’s energy journey.  Read a summary about them below:

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