Notice To All Solid Waste and Special Waste Facility Owners and Operators

Date:  February 22, 2016

Subject:  Technologically Enhanced Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM)

Issue:  It has come to the attention of the Kentucky Division of Waste Management (DWM) that TENORM waste, some of which has been further processed prior to disposal, resulting from oil and gas drilling activities has been transported into Kentucky and disposed at certain solid waste landfills. TENORM is naturally-occurring materials containing radionuclides that are present in rocks, soils, water, and minerals which, due to human activities, have become concentrated and/or exposed to the accessible environment. Based on our investigation, it has been determined that some of these TENORM wastes were generated in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Per the Central Midwest Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission’s Regional Management Plan as developed by the Commission in accordance with KRS 211.859, the Commission classifies “…TENORM wastes as [Low-Level Radioactive Waste] LLRW and, as such, these wastes are subject to the LLRW policies enumerated in the Plan.”

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) regulates radioactive materials, radioactive waste, and the disposal of such waste. Therefore, DWM would like to remind holders of permits issued by DWM that it is the duty of such permit holders to duly conform to all statutes and regulations concerning such radioactive materials and activities. The regulation of radioactive materials, waste, and disposal by CHFS is governed by Chapter 211 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes and Title 902, Chapter 100 of the Kentucky Administrative Regulations.

Point of Contact: For information regarding TENORM, please contact Matthew McKinley, Branch Manager, Radiation Health Branch, Division of Public Health Protection and Safety at (502) 564-3700. For information regarding this Notice, please contact Danny Anderson, Branch Manager, Solid Waste Branch at (502) 564-6716. For a radiation emergency, please contact the Radiation Health Branch during business hours or the Kentucky Emergency Management Duty Office at (800) 255-2587 after business hours.